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For centuries, we have been told that we should meditate, be it our Vedas or scriptures, our sages and priests, or Lord Buddha, a symbol of peace, whose statues and photos are kept in large corporate offices and in five-star hotels, everyone says that By meditating, our power increases and our aura and immunity increases.In today's modern times, where mental stress is increasing in a person, the best solution is meditation.Even today many gurus teach and recommend meditation yoga, the most downloaded application in 2020 or 2021 was Meditation Music. The fees for teaching meditation are also very high, yet people are not able to meditate.A device that helps you meditate. A device that reduces your stress, a device that leads you to yoga nidra and deep sleep, you can do tratak on that device.A personal guru who always guides his disciple, helps you to concentrate from time to time, everyone needs such a guru.This device of ours keeps working throughout the day so that any person remains stress free, if you want to meditate, then you can start that program, you can choose different programs according to your mind.its world's first device which was discovered for meditation purpose , however it can be used for various purpose to reduce stress, increase focus , better sleep etc etc .With Yogacap easy to wear in head within 10 minutes you will feel the effect of relaxation . Its approved and recommended by doctors .

Market Validation

  • We conducted market survey near local area garden/parks by provided services to person. Their feedback was really enjoyed the product services & found mental peace.
  • On our Youtube channel vedic science Youtube Link we got a good responses, positivity of public & feedback towards device.
  • We used that devices Seven times in different prototypes & after rectify all the bugs in devices. We introduced that device.
  • Most of the peoples in Start-ups programmes they liked devices & showed a interest to invest in our product.
  • Our company is just beginning but in that field we worked for 3 years & conducted verbal survey of our products reponses & research in that field.
  • We already discovered a new method of meditation whose method has been made public by Indian patent office. It’s justify the market validation of products in market. That is published In newspaper.

Some Achievements We Get

I have a very good business proposal, which will benefit everyone in the country and the world, which I want to present to you, this is the biggest discovery ever made on the path of spirituality.

  1. Patent Grant
  2. PCT filing
  3. MSME registration
  4. DPIIT certificate grant
  5. startup india registration
  6. medical test report is available
  7. unique product
  8. company registration in health care sectors
  9. huge market size (age group 7-99)
  10. scalable bussing